The Pellicle Podcast

Ep28 — Our Beers, Wines and Ciders of the Year 2021

Episode Summary

In this annual episode Matthew rifles through an epic list of wonderful beers, wines and ciders he enjoyed the most in 2021, as well as some of the best places in which he enjoyed them.

Episode Notes

Look, here’s the truth. I would love it if more of you listened to my podcast, and so please accept this episode as a bribe. I want you to know what my favourite beers, wines and ciders of the year are, and I want you to revel in the joy of experiencing them as much as I did. But if you want to find out what they are, which includes no less than 17 beers (in hindsight, post-edit, I will make this smaller next year) then you’ve got to tune in. I won’t be sharing this list anywhere else.

I love making this podcast, it’s become one of my favourite mediums for creativity. This has become especially the case since I switched up the format of the show towards the end of 2020. I’m stoked that those who listen to it enjoy the style, and my off the cuff riffing on our favourite beverages, and I pledge to try and record as many as I’m physically capable of in 2022.

I’m especially thankful of the support of both our new sponsor, Hand & Heart, along with our generous Patreon subscribers. Thanks to them I’ve got a bit more time and space to spend more time producing podcasts this year, which means more episodes for you to enjoy! If you’re able to support our content at Pellicle, then please consider signing up to our Patreon. Every penny goes back into making more features and podcasts.

Please enjoy this list of things I really enjoyed over the past 12 months, and stay tuned, because we’ve already got more episodes in post production that should be released soon!

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